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FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

Reiki Vibe - Natural Holistic Therapies FAQ's

Q. What can you expect during a treatment?

A.  Reiki treatment sessions vary from person to person, but generally you will feel deeply relaxed and peaceful, with some people feeling a wonderful radiance or energy flowing through their body. Reiki will give you a sense of well-being, allowing you to release anxiety, anger, tension and a move into a deep state of relaxation. You may not feel anything in particular, but will likely be calm with a sense of overall wellness afterwards. Others report feeling energised, balanced and have clearer thinking. It is quite common for a client to fall asleep during a session and this is completely fine as well. Many clients report that their sleeping patterns improve and those suffering from insomnia are soon able to fall asleep quite quickly, experiencing deeper periods of sleep and awaking feeling more rested. You may feel heat emanating from the Practitioner's hands during treatment and this is the healing energy that is channeled (known as the Universal Life Force energy) through to you. Reiki can do no harm and is beneficial to all. It treats the whole person and has been effective in assisting healing in every known illness.

General routine during a session :

* Client arrives, brief discussion to find our your intention for the session (preferred outcome), client lays on the Reiki massage table fully clothed.  You then simply close your eyes and relax. The Practitioner will invoke their prayer/symbols & protection for both the client and themselves and then begins by laying his/her hands on/or above specific parts of the body & channels the Reiki pure source energy (for approx 60mins). Near the end of the session the Practitioner will close with a prayer, blessings, Reiki symbol(s) & detachment from you [energy]. They will then let you know the session has finished (go and wash their hands, while you take your time to be present again and return to your feet.) It is best to also drink a glass of water after a treatment as this will re-ground you again. Increasing your water intake after Reiki is advisable as this assists with the healing and detoxification process over the days and weeks following a treatment. 

Feel free to ask any questions after the treatment and if you are uncomfortable at any time during the treatment (eg. too much heat, wish to move position etc) - please let your practitioner know.

[Note : If for any reason, you have an aversion to having hands placed on you then please advise the Practitioner so that they are aware and can have their hands just above your body - this will not diminish the effectiveness of the healing treatment.] 

What you may feel during a session:

Natural Holistic Therapies

- A sensation of heat/cold and/or heat coming from the practitioner's hands

- Fall asleep or enter a meditative state

- Have Memory or Past Life flashes

- Pins & needles or Involuntary reflex movements of different parts of your body)

- A rumbling stomach

- Emotional responses (allow these to pass through you and release them)

- See colours or images in your minds eye

- A sense your hands are moving or sense energy flowing/circulating

- Itchiness or tickling on your skin

- Feel a sensation of energy swirling around different parts of your body

- A coolness spreading across certain parts of the body that have been cleared

Q. When should you NOT have a Reiki session? (*Important)

A. PACEMAKER (Heart) : Reiki should 'never' be given to a person who has a Pacemaker fitted as this can have an adverse effect on the Pacemaker and also change it's rythm - which can be detrimental to the recipient's health.

(**Please advise your Reiki Practitioner if you have a Pacemaker fitted as this is very important to your well being.)

A. DIABETES (Mellitus) : You should not receive a Reiki treatment if you have Diabetes and you take regular Insulin injections as Reiki reduces the amount of insulin that is required and you would need to carefully monitor your Insulin levels throughout the day (for several weeks - as Reiki engergy continues to heal, well after the treatment session has ended.)

Q. Can you have a Reiki session if you are pregnant?

A.  Yes - Reiki treatments are perfectly safe both throughout your pregnancy and also during childbirth. The energy that comes through is naturally adjusted according to your needs and both Mother & baby benefit greatly from these healing sessions. During childbirth Reiki can assist with feelings of anxiety, tension, pain and can promote a calmness for a more beautiful and connected experience.

Q. Is Reiki safe for Children & Babies?

A.  Yes - Reiki is completely safe for our beautiful children and babies and as younger children & babies are much more open to healing energies, they benefit greatly from receiving such treatments. They connect on a soul level and are more accepting & receptive than adults in general. Reiki energy adjusts automatically to the levels of energy that are needed by the body - be it large or small. As children and babies cannot always express their needs as easily as an adult can, this method of healing is perfect for easing emotional, mental and physical issues & illnesses - or simply rebalancing the energy systems of the body.

Q. Are you able to do Reiki on Animals?

A. Yes - Animals love receiving this beautiful energy and respond very positively to it, often letting you know that they would like more. They are very open to Reiki healing and have a natural affinity to receiving it (both via distance and in person it works the same) understanding it's benefits at a higher conscious level. I have had excellent results with Reiki healing on animals and we always ask for permission from their Higher Self, just as we do with people that we are healing from a distance.

Q. Does Reiki work from a Distance (eg. oversea's clients)?

A. Yes - Most definitely. Reiki works just the same over a distance as it does if the person is in front of the Practitioner. A Practitioner will receive 'attunements' and certain Reiki symbols when they undertake their Level II Training and this allows them to do Reiki on both people, animals, groups and almost anything - both around the world and in person. Distance has no effect on the strength of a healing whatsoever and the treatment is naturally directed to whatever area it is required. The Practitioner may use an object (such as a pillow) to lay hands on or just bring an image or thought of the person/animal etc to mind, connecting to their Higher Self to ask permission for the healing to take place. It may not be a convenient time for the recipient and in such cases the Practitioner will return at a later time to request permission and carry out the treatment.

Q. What happens after a Reiki session?

A. Once you have receiving a healing treatment it is recommended that you rest if at all possible and have a quiet day. You should also increase your intake of water as this assists with the healing process and the releasing of toxins within the body. The wonderful thing about Reiki is that healing continues well after the session has ended and you will see or feel improvements for many weeks afterwards. This is the beauty of Reiki. If you have more serious issues (either mentally, emotionally or physically) it is recommended you have Reiki at least once per week for a further 4-5 sessions or more in order to continue the healing at a higher level and to speed up the clearing of more long term or traumatic problems. As a maintenance option, once per month will keep your energy fields balanced and vibrating at a good level.

* Please feel free to Contact us with any further questions and we'll be happy to assist *

  Reiki Vibe Natural Holistic Therapies - FAQ's