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Client Testimonials

(*Please send us your testimonials so that other's can get an understanding as to what to expect - although all experiences are quite unique to the individual. We don't have to use your last name or location if you prefer. Photo's welcome. Thank you!*)


I would like to thank Rowena for the Reiki session I had while I was in Queensland. When I got there 

I could feel the love and warmth she has. I was made to feel very welcome.

I went to her as I have been dealing with my emotions. After the session I felt I had questions answered 

which I hadn't even asked her. I felt like I had so much more energy and left feeling much happier.

I would recommend Rowena to anyone who is dealing with any emotional problems. 

I'm sure she could help you.

Once again, THANKS SO MUCH ROWENA xoxo

Liz Darling (Adelaide, Australia)


I have seen Rowena twice now for Reiki sessions. She is amazing.
Rowena is very grounded in her heart.
I can really feel the genuine love of service and healing coming through her sessions.
During the treatment I entered a deep state of relaxation and could feel the heat/energy from Rowena's hands, 
throughout my body. After the session I felt clear, balanced, energised and rejuvenated.

Rowena's Reiki has also assisted me with healing and shifting pain that I have been holding within my heart, 
as well as raising my vibrational frequency.
I would highly recommend Rowena to anyone and will continue to see her regularly.



Everyone (who knows me) understands that nothing is more important to me than the health & well being of my dog, Kaiser. I'm obsessive about his 100% raw food diet and ensuring he has a happy life, free from chemical-laden supplements.

After coming home to find him 'lame' in his back left leg, with no visible cause - the next few hours were spent at an Emergency Vet. We were already aware of the risk that Rottweiler's face regarding bone cancer and other conditions...and having seen how quickly they can deteriorate - I was stressing beyond belief!

The Vet couldn't rule out anything, and put him on pain medication which did nothing. My usual playful 'boofhead' was gone and in his place was a very unhappy boy, who could barely walk during the next couple of days and was in obvious pain.

I felt helpless - and was planning to go back to the Vet the next night, because there was no sign of any improvement. Rowena (from Reiki Vibe) kindly offered to do a distance healing on him that night. I was skeptical but by this point I was so distressed by what my poor fella was going through, I was ready to try anything.

The next morning...I could already see that Kaiser was back! He was walking around easier and I could see in his face that he was happier & in less pain. I went to work and by the time I got home he was back to his normal bouncy self - with NO sign of his lameness remaining.

I can't thank Rowena enough for sending Kaiser her healing energy. I don't know how she does what she does...but I have absolutely no doubt whatsoever - that Rowena healed my precious Kaiser.

Rowena - thank you. I can't recommend you highly enough. It's fabulous knowing I've got you there when I need you.

Elaine (& Kaiser) xx

QLD, Australia

Kaiser prior to his healing...

(This is Kaiser, just prior to his healing session...) 

Kaiser after his healing...
Kaiser, meeting with Rowena after his Distance Healing  (May 2017) 


I just wanted to write and say thank you Rowena for a wonderful Reiki healing session. I didn't really know what to expect during the treatment and so it was all new to me.

During the treatment I felt really relaxed and I could feel heat coming from your hands and also tingling sensations on different parts of my body. I am under a lot of stress with work, study and personal issues etc - so when you were working on my head I could feel a pressure steadily building up and then it suddenly all released, which left me feeling much lighter, less anxious and with a clearer mind.

We spend so much time during our days with hundreds of thoughts etc making us stressed, so the tension release was really a relief. Overall I felt much calmer and even after the treatment I found things much easier to cope with, so thank you for your help and I look forward to our next treatment.

Ali - Auckland, New Zealand

Thank you so much for your testimonials! They really assist in providing New Clients with feedback about the Services that we offer.