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Hello and welcome to Reiki Vibe - Natural Holistic Therapies 

My name is Rowena and I am grateful to be a Reiki Master and practitioner, living in beautiful Byron Bay, NSW, Australia. I offer Reiki treatments to people from all over the world and also to the beautiful animals on this earth. Anyone and any thing or situation can benefit from receiving Reiki healing and it is my greatest pleasure to be able to offer my services to those in need.

Reiki pronounced "ray" (Universal Life Energy and All Knowing Spiritual Consciousness) and "kee" (Breath or Vapour/Life Force/Vital Radiant Energy) is a non-physical healing energy that is divinely guided by Life Force or Higher Intelligence energy. The traditional form of Reiki that I use was re-discovered by Japanese Buddhist, Dr Mikao Usui in 1922 and those teachings have been handed down via a lineage of Reiki Masters, one of whom is the Master that I trained with. 

Reiki energy has a divine natural intelligence that guides it to flow where it is needed most within the body/mind and provides the perfect healing conditions to suit the individual's needs. The practitioner has no influence upon the healing energy channeled and therefore there are no limitations on the energy received by the client.

Reiki is a form of healing (where you are fully clothed) and the practitioner places their hands on or above parts of the body to channel healing energy that is directed precisely to the area's of your physical, mental or emotional well being that are in highest need of assistance. 

If you are reading this, then there is likely a part of you that requires healing in some form (as we all do) and perhaps this is the perfect modality for you. There are many ways of healing and any steps you take on your journey towards self healing have beneficial flow-on healing effects for the entire earth and humanity as a whole. 

In order to accommodate clients who cannot attend sessions in person, I also provide remote Reiki healing over distances to both people & animals, with the effectiveness of the treatment not diminished in any way by distance. 

At Reiki Vibe - Natural Holistic Therapies, if the hours listed are not convenient for you then I am happy to arrange a time to suit. You are welcome to either purchase a session online (via our Web Store - all treatments listed) or in person if you live locally or are able to travel to visit us here in the Gold Coast. 

It is generally recommended that you have around 4 or 5 : 60min sessions initially, to receive the full benefits of Reiki and then around 1-2 sessions per month after that. This can vary from client to client with some who may require more and others less, depending on your personal circumstances and health situation. 

I will soon also be offering AromaTouch Therapy to clients who are seeking to improve their overall well being, reduce emotional and physical stressors and support a healthy and vibrant immune system using a unique group of specific doTERRA Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils. These are applied intuitively along the energetic meridian lines of the body on visceral contact points along the back and feet in a gentle hands on method, balancing and stimulating the  sympathetic and para-sympathetic nervous systems of the physical body, increasing overall health and autonomic functions within the client. You will feel deeply relaxed, comforted and peaceful after a blissful 45min session.

If you are experiencing anxiety, physical tension, stresses, emotional strains or general imbalances in the body or mind then the AromaTouch technique can help to relieve these symptoms and provide you with a soothing massage experience that has ongoing physical and emotional benefits. The unique combination of pure oils have been combined specifically for their potency and effectiveness in releasing tension and balancing the physical and emotional bodies.

My aim is to help you to enjoy the greatest version of a happy life and assist you in achieving balance and harmony along the way.

I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Love, Light & Blessings..

Rowena xx

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Rowena Coulsby : Reiki Practitioner

Rowena Coulsby

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 (+61) 0435 595159

About Me...

We have been living in the beautiful Gold Coast since 2016, after moving here from New ZealandWe made the move after spending time on holiday here in Surfers Paradise a few months earlier - and then we fell in love with the area. It truly is Paradise on earth!

Now we have found our new paradise in the stunning Byron Bay region of NSW, Australia and this place has an amazing spiritual vibe to it that we absolutely adore.

I have always been spiritual in some form since I was a child and over the years I have been drawn to study many different modalities. Reiki is where my passion sits and I know it is my soul's calling to be of service to humanity - 'Follow Your Bliss' is my personal mantra.

My goal is to assist  others on their healing journey and in doing so, help to align you with your natural, beautiful state of physical and spiritual well-being. We are all on a spiritual path of sorts and the smoother it is, the more pleasant and satisfying the journey. 


Member of IICT  (International Institute for Complementary Therapists)

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